Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Here Is How You Can Earn With Amazon Affiliate Marketing

There is a lot of buzz going on the internet. As the days pass by, everyone wants to earn a passive income and a lot of businesses are shifting online. To be honest, every day you go through thousands of advertisements in a day everywhere from Google to Facebook and Instagram to Twitter.

Making money online is a broad topic. One of them related to it is Affiliate marketing. Don’t get tensed with the term “Marketing”. It’s easy to get over with. You need zero skills to get started! All you need is time.

Quick Interesting Facts About Amazon

Before getting started, how about you learn the amazing facts about Amazon. As we’re going to discuss Affiliate Marketing with Amazon, it’s great to know what Amazon is actually capable of and how we can generate a lot of money with Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

  • During Amazon’s first month in business, it received orders from customers in 50 US states and 45 countries across the world. (MSN)
  • Pause for one second. Amazon just shipped 35 items in that time frame. 
  • Amazon is the 10th most visited site in the world.
  • The Amazon Website went down for 49 minutes once and it already lost $5.7 Million in Sales!
  • The Company’s net worth is over $175 Billion.

Why did I mention all that stuff? It’s actually to give you an idea that how vast the Amazon is and how you can actually be taking advantage of it with their Affiliate Program.

The greatest advantage of doing affiliate marketing with Amazon is,

  • You have tons of product to choose from. You can pick up any niche from there and target traffic to it.
  • People trust Amazon. They won’t have second thoughts while placing the order.
  • Great reviews can make them make up for buying that product at any cost.

How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing With Amazon?

It’s simple to get started. There are a few things you need to get started. We will all cover it one by one below.

Applying For Amazon Affiliate Program:

The affiliate program by Amazon is called “Amazon Associates”. You can join them instantly without any hassle right away with Amazon Account. Join Amazon Associates using this link.


Yes, you need a platform first to get started. It is the thing which actually helps you in promoting the products from Amazon so people can buy products from Amazon by getting referred by your platform.

No need to worry, this platform can be anything. For instance, a website or blog, YouTube Channel, Social Networking Sites,

Yes, we have everything set up for you as well. Check out this guide to start your own blog right away. If you love to make videos then you can instantly get started with YouTube and do reviews while placing Affiliate Links in the description.

Choosing a Niche For Platform:

It is important. For Amazon Affiliate site to work and to start earning from it as quickly as possible then you need to narrow down the niche and select one.

You will need to depend and hold on that niche. Do the research and get with plenty of keywords in that niche to target the traffic coming from Search Engines.

Focus and being consistent is the key to rank for the keywords and drive sales from your Affiliate Links.

Planning Content Effectively:

Designing website blog posts and writing original content which interacts with the reader in such a way that they feel connected all the way.

The post and review either on Website or YouTube. It should be engaging and should create a line of trust between the viewers and readers. Therefore, it is crucial to invest your time first in making the content best before trying to rank in search engines.

That’s all for today! Hope you learn something from this post! We will try to cover more things on such topics later. Have a nice day!

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